» » Рецензия на ЕР "Clouded Mind" группы "Moria" от голландского вебзина Brutalism!
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Рецензия на ЕР "Clouded Mind " группы "Moria" от голландского вебзина Brutalism!

Moria - Clouded Mind

Track Listing:

1. Outlaw
2. Hate/War
3. Dead Memories

Looking for a fresh thrash metal band you have never heard before? Check out Moria! This Ukranian band has a very long history and very few studio recordings, but today they are regarded as one of the leading bands in the Ukranian metal scene. To make a long story short, they formed back in 1995 and after several line-up changes disbanded in 2000 to get back together in 2006 and focus again on music. Clouded Mind is their second studio recording and a teaser to their full length album they've launched the very same year. So what this EP has to offer?

There are only three songs on this EP, playing for less than 11 minutes in total. But these three songs can surely stimulate your appetite for more music from this band, because it's hard to go wrong when you're playing quality modern thrash metal. The moment you hear the first song - Dead Memory - you can't guess where the band is from because the quality of sound and the music itself is very good. It's the good old thrash with a modern sound that makes you want to bang your head and grab “invisible oranges”. The first track is a perfect opener – intense, fast, somewhat melodic and memorable. The second track - Hate, War – is a mid tempo groovy song sometimes resembling southern stoner metal. Outlaw, the third track is a more lyrical and melodic track that makes you remember this band after you've finished listening to the CD. And that's exactly what an EP should do – make you remember the band and ask for more.

Having a very good solid sound, interesting songs and enough material to make you interested, Clouded Mind is a very good example of how an EP should be done. If you love model thrash metal and want to enjoy good music, Moria is just the band you need, and this EP proves it.

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